“God Used Him as an Angel”

The Greg Gordon Story From the book, Stories of Pensacola’s Finest, available on Amazon or directly from Mike Simmons. What does a hero look like? Have you ever wondered that? In the movies, it is usually the good-looking, smiling, confident guy that everyone likes. We all know that is not always the case, but sometimesContinue reading ““God Used Him as an Angel””

End of Watch: Pensacola Police Officer Curtis Neal Jones, June 27, 1980

When officers are assigned to the midnight shift, they learn that the nights usually slow down around 3:00 AM. From that time until the city wakes up, an officer can catch his breath.  It was early in the morning – the quiet time – of Friday, June 27, 1980, forty-two years ago today. Officers RichardContinue reading “End of Watch: Pensacola Police Officer Curtis Neal Jones, June 27, 1980”

End of Watch: Investigator Steve Bolyard

Investigator Steven Paul Bolyard Florida State Attorney’s Office – 1st Judicial Circuit, Florida End of Watch Monday, June 18, 1990 On this date, thirty-two years ago, Investigator Steve Bolyard was gunned down by a suspect he was investigating. Steve Bolyard was born in 1953 in La Holla, CA. An excellent athlete, he excelled in football asContinue reading “End of Watch: Investigator Steve Bolyard”

End of Watch: Correctional Officer Joe William Heddy, Jr.

Correctional Officer Joe William Heddy, Jr. Escambia County Department of Corrections, Florida End of Watch Saturday, June 17, 2017 On today’s date five years ago, Correctional Officer Joe Heddy suffered a fatal heart attack at the Escambia County Road Prison in Cantonment, Florida, after struggling with an inmate. He had responded to a cell in theContinue reading “End of Watch: Correctional Officer Joe William Heddy, Jr.”

End of Watch

Deputy Sheriff Len Burt Adams Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Florida End of Watch Monday, June 16, 1958 Deputy Adams was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call. The shooting occurred when Deputy Adams and another deputy entered a home where a 25-year-old man was engaged in a heated argument with his girlfriend’s father.Continue reading “End of Watch”

End of Watch

From the book, “Pensacola’s Finest,” available on Amazon. End of Watch: The Death of Officer John G. Yelverton: June 1, 1899 As the town approached the 20th century, law and order took a turn for the worse on June 1, 1899.  Officer John G. Yelverton was shot and killed by suspect Rueben Harris while YelvertonContinue reading “End of Watch”

End of Watch: Officer Louis Champa: May 26, 1951

On the night of October 29, 1946, Pensacola Police Officers Ed Lawhorn, W. E. Dickson and Louis Champa responded to an illegal gambling game complaint. Such complaints were not uncommon but were becoming more and more dangerous. When the officers broke the game up, several participants fled. One man, Elbert Jones, had another idea. HeContinue reading “End of Watch: Officer Louis Champa: May 26, 1951”

Pensacola Police First Police Car

First Pensacola, Florida police car. In November 1913, discussion and approval took place at the regular meeting of the city commissioners regarding allowing for $600 for an automobile for Chief of Police Frank Sanders. On November 29 the Pensacola News-Journal reported that a large, four-door used Ford was purchased for $950 to be used primarilyContinue reading “Pensacola Police First Police Car”

New Police Cruisers

From the book “Pensacola’s Finest in Pictures,” available on Amazon. The first photo is just after delivery of unfinished 1961 Dodge Polara Police Cars at the Pensacola, Florida Police Department. These cars came equipped with whitewall tires and a spotlight mounted on the driver’s side. After the city garage outfitted the vehicles with paint andContinue reading “New Police Cruisers”

Old Police Stories

Available on Amazon: “Pensacola’s Finest,” “Pensacola’s Finest in Pictures,” “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest,” and “I’m a Dead Man” #oldpolicestories


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Professionals at Work: Officers Robert Godwin and Buddy Peake posing for a photo in 1948. Both men are in dress uniform. The uniform consisted of collar brass depicted “PD” on the right collar and the officer’s badge number on the left collar. Both men wear the popular cross-draw holsters. Officer Godwin wears regulation police shoes and Office Peake wears authentic jodhpur riding pants. The jackets and pants were made of wool, which held up well and looked good, but were very hot.

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