Five PPD Chiefs

Five PPD chiefs. This is the only photo containing five PPD chiefs together, along with four high-ranking officers. Seated l-r: Chief Drexel Caldwell (1962-1974), Chief James Davis (1974-1980). Standing: Captain Bob Cotita, Chief Chip Simmons (2010-2015). Captain Dickie Johnston, Chief Norman Chapman (1994-1998), Chief John Mathis (2002-2010), Inspector Wendell Rich, Chief Jerry Potts (1998-2002).

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  1. I got your book for Christmas and read it the first week. It was really well done and I really enjoyed it. You did a great job Mike. Thanks for taking the time and effort to pull alit all together.

    1. Thanks, Jim. That means a lot!

    2. Jim, when you have a moment, would you write a 2-4 sentence review about my book? I need it for marketing. Thank you.

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