1908 Pensacola Police Rules

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On January 22, 1908, a pocket-sized police manual was distributed to the force. A few of the orders and rules are interesting and bear repeating…

  1. Police officers cannot leave town (on or off duty) unless in the pursuit of a fugitive, by direction of the chief, or by written permission by the Board of Public Safety.
  2. Harsh, violent, coarse, profane or insolent language cannot be used.
  3. Officers must salute the mayor, the chief, a captain or a sergeant every time they pass each other.
  4. No hanging around the entrance to any pool room, cigar stand or other place of similar resort.
  5. All dead-beats must be removed from the department.
  6. Officers must be familiar with the location of all vaudeville performances and the homes of junk and second-hand dealers.
  7. Officers must report when premises are used contrary to the good morals or public policy.
  8. An officer can be removed for leaving his beat without permission or for sitting down while on duty.
  9. An officer can be removed for not paying for his uniform.
  10. An officer can be removed for smoking on duty – between 7am and 7pm.

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