The First Female Captain of the Pensacola Police

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An excerpt from my book Pensacola’s Finest.

Kristin Brown joined the Pensacola Police Department in 1996 as a cadet. From cadet to officer to sergeant and, on July 31, 2015, she was the first female promoted to lieutenant. On May 23, 2017, she was pinned as the first female captain of the department. 

On August 6, 2019, the author interviewed Captain Brown.  When asked what the secret to her success was, Kristin replied that she gives credit to her parents. She said that they worked hard to instill in her a hard work ethic and a habit of discipline that has helped her maintain a straight path in her career. Her father, a retired U. S. Marine Colonel, taught her to give 100% in everything. 

On the subject of barriers to becoming the first female captain at the Pensacola Police Department and how that was received in a male-dominated profession, Kristin candidly stated “I’ve truly never had a problem.” She went on to say that she has always been treated fairly and with kindness. She added that, if anything, she has always felt the need to explain the rationale behind her decisions. “People always say that females make decisions from their hearts rather than from logic. Maybe it’s me, but I have always felt the need to give a reason as to why I made a decision.”

In addition to ushering a new era of policing (female command staff) to the Pensacola Police Department, Kristin Brown has also brought a new level of professionalism. Her decisions have always been made in cool, calm manner, not muddled with emotion. Besides that, ask anyone who has worked for her – she always chooses to have the officer’s back. Even if she finds that she has to administer discipline, she is always in support of the officer.

A real professional.


Captain Kristin Brown
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