He was there for a reason

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From my latest book, “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest”

It was beautiful May Sunday on the beach. Anthony, an excellent swimmer, went to the water’s edge to see about taking a dip. “No, the rip current is too rough. We need to stay out.”

“Somebody’s drowning!” she yelled.


“Anthony, somebody is drowning!”

“I suddenly heard the screams, the desperate screams of desperate people. Without saying a word, I turned and shot off in a dead sprint to the water’s edge, about 300 feet away.”

After working desperately to save the lives of the drowning victims, Anthony was exhausted. “For the first time in my life,” Anthony said, “I felt that I might not make it. With no assistance and out of energy, it looked like we might drown.”

“I am the mother of one of the children and the aunt of the others. I’m soaked in tears trying to comment to this post. Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful we are for Officer Giorgio and all the selfless people who put their lives on the line to save our kids. It would have been a tragic week for my family. I know after this day our lives will go on, but I promise we will never forget how you’ve made a difference in our lives. We will now be able to celebrate my niece’s birthday and attend my nephew’s graduation next week.” Thank you, Officer Anthony Georgio!!

In the author’s interview with Anthony, he maintained that, without the efforts of the others, there would have been drownings. “It was a team effort,” he said.

However, the others – in unison – vehemently disagreed with Anthony. “We helped, but he was amazing! He is the hero!”

On August 4, 2021, Pensacola Police Chief Eric Randall had the honor of awarding Anthony with the 11th Gold Medal of Valor in the history of the Pensacola Police Department.

In the interview with the author, Anthony maintains that the medal belongs to everyone – the TEAM – that helped that day.

Whatever the case, one thing is obvious…Anthony Giorgio is a hero.

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    I love you Son and we are very proud of you my hero love Your Mom

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