Gold Medal of Valor

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I’m looking forward to tomorrow – gonna see some heroes…
The Pensacola Police Department has an awards system that allows them to recognize officers who have gone beyond their regular duties. The top award is called the “Gold Medal of Valor,” and has only been presented to eleven officers since the award system was established around 1978.

Tomorrow morning, December 17, 2021, all of the Gold Medal of Valor recipients (they are all still alive) will gather at the Pensacola Police station for photographs at 9:30 AM. The occasion is the 78th birthday of the oldest recipient, Henry Cassady.

Some might even show up earlier – at 8:00 AM for “Coffee with a Cop” at the Dog House, 30 S. Palafox St.

Below is a list of the recipients:

Anthony Giorgio 2021

Greg Gordon 2010

James Hendry 2000

Tonya Humphries 2000

Greg Sievers 2000

Mike McVicker 2000

Chip Simmons 2000

Mike Wood 1999

Bruce Camacho 1991

Randy Stull 1987

Henry Cassady 1985

Henry Cassady
Randy Stull
Bruce Camacho
Mike Wood
Mike McVicker
Greg Sievers
Chip Simmons
James Hendry and Tonya Humphries

Greg Gordon

Anthony Giorgio

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