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On December 17, 2021, all of the recipients of the Pensacola Police Department’s Gold Medal of Valor came together for photos. The Gold Medal of Valor is the highest award that can be presented by the department for heroism beyond the call of duty. These eleven officers – some active and some retired – were again recognized for the risk they took to save a life. Their courage is reflected in the eyes of the people who are alive today because of them. They are: Henry Cassady–1985, Randy Stull–1987, Bruce Camacho-1991, Mike Wood-1999, Sheriff Chip Simmons-2000, Mike McVicker-2000, Greg Sievers-2000, Tonya Humphries-2000, James Hendry-2000, Greg Gordon-2010, Anthony Giorgio-2020. The accounts are included in my latest book, “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest” available on Amazon.

Well done, officers. Well done.

Greg Gordon saved the life of a man by pulling him out of a burning building in 2010
Bruce Camacho shot a murderer who was trying to kill him in 1991
Henry Cassady shot a bank robber who was shooting at him in 1985
Anthony Giorgio rescued an entire family and a woman from drowning in the Gulf waters in 2021
The first and the latest – Henry Cassady and Anthony Giorgio
Greg Sievers, Chip Simmons, and Mike McVicker subdued a gunman in 2000
Chief Eric Randall and Sheriff Chip Simmons
James Hendry and Tonya Humphries rescued an elderly couple from a burning house in 2000
Mike Wood saved a girl from drowning in 1999
As he was being robbed, Randy Stull shot the suspect, ending a string of armed robberies in 1987
Eleven Heroes
The Pensacola Police Department’s Gold Medal of Valor

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  1. Kenneth Riley Guier Avatar
    Kenneth Riley Guier

    I remember working with Officer Greg Gordon on several occasions when I was working at the airport AOC. A good man in every way…Congratulations Officer Gordon.

  2. I was working that same detail with Randy Stull, Outstanding job on his part in the face of high stress and grave danger. Congratulations Randy.

    1. David, you played a big part of the story. You are in my book that tells about it.

      1. Thanks Mike. I have 2 of your books, Pensacola’s Finest and I’m a Dead Man. Did not have a copy of Stories of Pensacola’s Finest. Order placed for that one, looking forward to reading it.

  3. Thanks, David. Good talking with you.

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