Podcast Episode #1: “I’m a dead man”

First Podcast

I have just finished my first podcast on Old Police Stories. My niece and I completed a podcast related to my book “I’m a Dead Man, the story of the JFK assassination and the unsolved murder in Pensacola.”

My niece, Shelly Armstrong, is great with podcasts. She, like many young people, listens to them daily. She especially enjoys podcasts about crime – especially murder. And her profession? She’s an undertaker!

When you get a moment, listen and let me know what you think!



2 responses to “Podcast Episode #1: “I’m a dead man””

  1. Mike, I just read your quick Bio. It sounds like me. I’m a retired Police Sgt. from Costa Mesa Police Department in Southern California. I’m married and have seven grandsons and I too work with Royal Rangers. I’ve been in Royal Rangers since 1964 and I currently am the National Coordinator for the Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program. I love your website.

    1. Darell, we met one time at Camporama when I worked security. We bunked in the same building. By the way, I am starting up our NSSP in West Florida. I might need to reach out to you for advice if that is okay.

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