End of Watch: The Death of Officer C. Frank Bazzell: March 15, 1932

March 14, 1932: Finally!  After four years as a firefighter, Frank was at last a motorcycle officer again.  He had been a motorcycle officer in the town of Palm Beach, Florida, but since he had come to Pensacola, he was only now been able to secure the position with the Pensacola Police Department.  On his first day, Frank Bazzell’s assigned partner was Officer F. F. McDaniels, and they began their shift at 4 PM.  It was a quiet evening, which gave Officer McDaniels opportunity to show Frank around.  Shortly after 10:00 PM, the officers got Frank’s first call as a Pensacola Police officer.  They were dispatched to a disturbance at the corner of 9th Avenue and Chase Street.  As they were passing the intersection of Palafox and Garden Streets at 10:15 PM, Officer Bazzell’s tire struck the curb, causing him to crash.  Due to the urgency of the call, Officer McDaniels continued on his response to the call.  Upon his arrival, Officer McDaniels discovered that the call was a false one.  Frank Bazzell lay in the street with a fractured skull and was transported to the Pensacola Hospital.  He never regained consciousness.  At 12:40 PM on March 16, 1932, Officer Frank Bazzell died from his injuries.  The person who made the false disturbance call was never charged.  Officer Bazzell was survived by his wife and three-year-old son, Frank, Jr.  The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon, March 17 at 4:15 PM at 1150 North 12th Avenue, the home of Mrs. C. C. Hartman.  The burial took place at St. John’s Cemetery.  Pallbearers were members of the Pensacola Police Department and the Pensacola Fire Department. 


Found in “Pensacola’s Finest,” available on Amazon

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