A Model Municipal Department

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An article in the Pensacola News Journal, October 1, 1890, described the condition of the Pensacola Police Department. The article said that the “Pensacola police force is excelled by that of no other city in the union.” It said that the force was led by Chief Connors and Captains Morrissey and Farinas, and came under the authority of Mayor Hilliard.

The article then describes new installments into the police headquarters, “In accordance with that desire (above referred to) of rendering themselves as thoroughly efficient as possible, the officers have lately put a gymnasium on the second floor of the city building, and therein they devote considerable time and practice to athletic exercises. The gymnasium is fitted up with pulling machines, dumb bells, Indian clubs, boxing gloves, etc., and the boys work under the direction of Professor Henry Coburger, who prescribes the movements designed to develop the various parts of the muscular system. The Professor also at time dons the mittens, and he was cock of the walk until the other day when he made the mistake of tackling Captain Morrissey, who quickly floored him, and who is now regarded as champion, he having previously tumbled Officer Wilson to sleep in a similar contest.

It is the intention of the boys to complete the appointments of the gymnasium by putting in a bath room, that they will do as soon as they conveniently may.”

Keep in mind, the gym came before the bathroom. Hmmm.

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