End of Watch: The Murder of Corporal Eric Streeter, March 13, 1984

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From the book, “Some Gave All,” coming soon.

            Eric Streeter was an investigator at the Sheriff’s Department in Escambia County, Florida. Eric had two important qualities that were more pronounced than most law enforcement officers. First, he was likeable. Eric had a way about him that kind of made you want to be around him. He made folks feel comfortable around him. The second quality was his desire to do something right. Don’t get me wrong – all officers can be likable and want to do the right thing. But not like Eric. Consequently, people brought information to him, which is what happened on March 11, 1984. He was advised of the location of an escaped prisoner and his partner, who had been dealing drugs.

            Thirty seconds after he radioed that he had arrived, his now frantic voice came over the radio asking for help. Officers found the injured detective. He had been shot three times.

Over the next few days, one suspect turned himself in and the other was arrested in Tampa. Meanwhile, Eric fought hard, undergoing several surgeries. Although he was tough, he succumbed to his injuries on March 14, 1984.

The 22-year-old killer was convicted of premeditated first-degree murder and sentenced to life. As of today, he is still in prison.

Pensacola News Journal photo of Eric Streeter’s funeral

The world was better off with Corporal Eric Streeter and his absence was felt for many years to come. There are not many like Eric Streeter. He is missed.


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