End of Watch: The Murder of Crestview Police Officer Buster Glenn “Buddy” Adams

End of Watch Tuesday, March 26, 1974

“His calling was to be a policeman and to do his best to take care of everyone.”

Butch Reppert, Crestview Police Officer

From the book, “Some Gave All.” coming soon.

Buster Glenn “Buddy” Adams was born in Donaldsonville, Georgia, to Hilton and Jeffie Adams. When he was young the family moved to Crestview, Florida, where Buddy grew up and graduated from high school. After graduation, he enlisted and fought in Vietnam[1] as a military policeman. When he got out, he joined Crestview Police Department.

Buster Glenn “Buddy” Adams

After four years, Buddy had become an investigator. On March 26, 1974, Buddy and Officer Jerry Farrior responded to a call of a man with a gun at the Old Quaker Lounge. It was a typical neighborhood bar. Dark and loud, it contained mostly locals, and most knew each other. It wasn’t without its problems, though. Buddy had been there before many times. He knew most of the patrons and had a good rapport with them. So, he really wasn’t concerned about going in.

When Buddy and Jerry entered the dark bar and tried to adjust to the dark surroundings, they were pointed to the problem. Seated at the table were Foster Taylor and Frank Madden – neither were known to the policemen. Taylor, a 49-year-old county road worker, was the one with the gun. Buddy, in his friendly, Andy Griffith sort of way, approached Taylor. The other officers were in tow. Buddy asked Taylor if he could talk to him outside. At first, Taylor stared…as if making up his mind about something. Then it happened. Without a word, Taylor pulled out his revolver and started shooting. He shot Buddy three times before officers returned fire, killing Taylor on the spot. Buddy’s condition was critical. He died a few hours later.

Crestview, Florida

The entire town was in shock at the first in-the-line-of-duty death in its history. Mayor Whitehurst declared that all flags be flown at half-staff. He called Adams “one of the most dedicated officers on the force.”

Three days later, the funeral took place at First United Methodist Church in Crestview. The coffin was carried by Buddy’s fellow officers – his friends. Hundreds of cars lined up for the for the 50-mile procession trip from Crestview to Opp, Alabama where Buddy was buried.


[1] U. S. Department of Veteran Affairs BIRLS death file 1850-2010, Buster Glenn Adams. Acquired 10/02/2022

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