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By Mike Simmons

An Angry Woman

Pensacola Police Headquarters, Now the Pensacola Museum of Art, 407 S. Jefferson Street

On June 30, 1937, Evelyn Sydlo and Anthony Valentino burst into the front door of the Pensacola Police Headquarters, 407 S. Jefferson Street, walked up to the desk, and began speaking excitedly to acting desk sergeant Herbert Hatcher.

Evelyn was angry because she and Anthony had been fighting all day and she wanted the police to arrest him.

When Hatcher asked if they were married, Anthony said they were; at the same time, Evelyn said they weren’t. Huh?

Evelyn said, “I’m not married to him. My husband is in the United States Navy!”

Anthony responded by insisting that she was now married to him and showing Hatcher a marriage certificate, proving they were married – to each other.

What did Hatcher do? He arrested both of them for bigamy. That took care of that.


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