End of Watch: The Murder of State Attorney Investigator Steve Bolyard – June 18, 1990

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An excerpt from the book, “Some Gave All” coming soon on Amazon

By Mike Simmons

Trader Jon’s is an icon. For generations, Sailors and Naval Officers have told of the good times they had in the historic landmark in downtown Pensacola, near Palafox and Main Streets. Those old enough to remember “Trader” would, upon seeing him, habitually check to see if he was wearing matching socks…never.

Trader with some Blue Angels

In 1975, Steve Bolyard was assigned to the Pensacola Police’s Tac Squad. Steve and his partner, Clayton Ard, were working in plain clothes at Palafox and Main. As they were conducting surveillance, a man approached them. “Would y’all mind moving? We are trying to break into this place and you are in the way.” They went to jail.

After five years with the Police Department, Steve became an investigator with the State Attorney’s Office. In 1990, Steve had arrested a suspect named Patrick Salgat, for theft, who was also suspected of committing a murder. While investigating a related crime involving Salgat and the female victim, Steve made contact with the victim at her home in Santa Rosa County. During the interview, Salgat showed up and started to beat on her front door. When he couldn’t enter, he went to the rear of the home and opened fire through a window. Two rounds struck Steve, both in the head.

Despite suffering serious wounds, Steve retreated from the house but was shot again in the back. He was able to make it to a neighbor’s home where he collapsed and died [3].

The murderer, Patrick Salgat, was arrested. His murder trial began on May 28, 1991. At 10:45 AM on June 6 – Steve’s birthday – the jury came back with a verdict…guilty on seven counts. Patrick Salgat got a life term for the murder[4].

Steve left behind his parents and his three brothers – Gary, Jeffrey and David. But he especially left a void in the life of his young daughter, Ellen Nicole Bolyard.

Pensacola Police Officer Steve Bolyard

Rest easy, Officer Bolyard. Thank you for your sacrifice.


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