The Ice Box Murders

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How the Pensacola Police Caught a cop killer that had escaped and avoided capture throughout the Eastern United States.

“Soon, he saw the car traveling east on State Highway 97 at a high rate of speed. Irving pulled closer behind the vehicle as it sped past him. As both vehicles approached the Green’s Corner section of Pomfret, CT, Officer Nelson started to pull alongside the vehicle to order the occupants to pull over. However, before he drew up even with the car, multiple rounds erupted from the car, aimed at the officer.

At his home, Officer Nelson’s wife and his three-year-old son were waiting for his return. Easter Sunday was two days away and they had big plans. Instead, they would be surrounded by family and fellow officers mourning the death of the policeman. The shots had found their mark. Officer Nelson pulled his motorcycle into a driveway, got off, and collapsed. He never saw his family again. He died in the driveway. Up to now, The Ice Box Bandits had been having a little fun with their new-found fame. No one had been hurt or killed…till now. Roland Lalone and Albert Raymond had just graduated to the big leagues. They were no longer the Ice Box Bandits. They were now the Ice Box Murderers.”

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