Swift Justice

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The arrest and conviction of Rufus Johnson

Okaloosa County Sheriff Ray Wilson and Crestview Police Chief Rouse Williams had already suspected him, so, on May 3, 1957, they had him under surveillance.

Okaloosa County Sheriff Ray Wilson

As soon as they got enough evidence, they moved in and arrested 52-year-old Rufus Johnson for Child Molestation. Rufus, a cab driver, was taken to the Okaloosa County Jail where he was interviewed. He readily admitted to his guilt, so he was charged with violation of the Child Molestation Act.

Florida State Prison in Raiford

He was immediately taken in front of Judge Woodrow Melvin and arraigned. At 1:30 PM, he entered a plea of “Guilty.” At 1:35 PM, he was sentenced to ten years of hard labor at Raiford State Prison. He was transported to Raiford a week later.  

So, two hours after his arrest, Johnson was sentenced to ten years.

Swift Justice.

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