“It’s More Than Just Doing Their Jobs”

From my book, “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest,” available on Amazon.       Marion and Mary Lou Williamson were pillars of the community. They had raised five children, all successful. Following the war, he married his sweetheart, Mary Lou, in 1946.        In 1999, the elderly couple were living on East Avery Street in the same home theyContinue reading ““It’s More Than Just Doing Their Jobs””

“Not Without a Fight!”

From my book “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest” available on Amazon for $20. As soon as he got out of training – which consisted of riding with a senior officer for about four weeks – Randy Stull hit the streets, determined that he was going to earn his pay. As many young officers who prove thatContinue reading ““Not Without a Fight!””

The Pensacola Police Detective Bureau

June 26, 1901: Marshal A. A. Credille, the chief of police, went in front of the city commission and requested that some of his officers be allowed to work in plain clothes. Since 1884, all Pensacola police officers had been in uniform. Credille argued the advantages to allowing some officers to dress in plain clothesContinue reading “The Pensacola Police Detective Bureau”

For the first time!

On December 17, 2021, all of the recipients of the Pensacola Police Department’s Gold Medal of Valor came together for photos. The Gold Medal of Valor is the highest award that can be presented by the department for heroism beyond the call of duty. These eleven officers – some active and some retired – wereContinue reading “For the first time!”

Gold Medal of Valor

I’m looking forward to tomorrow – gonna see some heroes…The Pensacola Police Department has an awards system that allows them to recognize officers who have gone beyond their regular duties. The top award is called the “Gold Medal of Valor,” and has only been presented to eleven officers since the award system was established aroundContinue reading “Gold Medal of Valor”

The Public Servants

From my newest book “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest” Pensacola, Florida, August 1, 1999, 9:04 PM        “All units, please respond to 8498 Baisden Rd. We have had several calls about gunshots fired.” Officer Kenneth Willis knew immediately that the call was on his beat, so he pushed harder on the accelerator. “Unit 179 enroute” KennyContinue reading “The Public Servants”

He was there for a reason

From my latest book, “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest” It was beautiful May Sunday on the beach. Anthony, an excellent swimmer, went to the water’s edge to see about taking a dip. “No, the rip current is too rough. We need to stay out.” “Somebody’s drowning!” she yelled. “What?” “Anthony, somebody is drowning!” “I suddenly heardContinue reading “He was there for a reason”

New Book

Old Police Stories, LLC announces the latest book from Sgt. Mike Simmons, “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest.” “The Pensacola Police Department is one of the oldest and most distinguished departments in the United States. Throughout its long and rich history, many stories are made by the officers who are in the community every day. Some ofContinue reading “New Book”

Police Motorcycle Sidecars

Sidecars have been used with motorcycles for many years. As a matter of fact, the sidecar came before the motorcycle. The first sidecar was produced in 1893 by French Army officer Jean Bertoux for a bicycle. The Graham Brothers first began making sidecars for motorcycles in 1903. It wasn’t long before the practicality of aContinue reading “Police Motorcycle Sidecars”

Three Brave Officers

From Mike Simmons’ new book: Stories of Pensacola’s Finest Hawkshaw. hawk.shaw /ˈhôkˌSHô/- a detective; a gumshoe. – brings to mind a dark, dimly lit street and a man wearing a fedora in a London Fog overcoat – kinda like Humphrey Bogart. But in Pensacola, the word has a different meaning. Long before the Europeans landedContinue reading “Three Brave Officers”

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