Pensacola Police Cruisers

Police cars are the most common form of transportation for law enforcement officers. Horses, electric streetcars, horses, and buggies have also been used over the years, but not near as much as automobiles. In Pensacola in the month of November 1913, discussion and approval took place at the regular meeting of the city commissioners regardingContinue reading “Pensacola Police Cruisers”

The Pensacola Police Motor Unit

The first motorcycle purchased for police work occurred when the Detroit, MI Police Department purchased a Harley-Davidson in 1908. The Pensacola Police Department purchased its first motorcycle, also a Harley-Davidson, in 1913. In the 1920s, the advent of motor vehicles had brought on an increase in traffic without the safety precautions of today’s vehicles. WithoutContinue reading “The Pensacola Police Motor Unit”

“Partner, don’t even turn around.”

An excerpt from my latest book, “Stories of Pensacola’s Finest.” Most anyone who grew up on the west side of downtown Pensacola, Florida knows the name Gaudet. Beginning from their West Gregory Street home, Louis and Mary’s five sons have produced a plethora of Gaudet kids who inhabit homes across Pensacola and Escambia County, Florida.Continue reading ““Partner, don’t even turn around.””

The Pensacola Police Department Firearms Training

Officers have been honing their shooting skills for many years. Early reports of Pensacola Police officers at firearms training goes back into the early 1900s. The earliest known shooting range for Pensacola Police officers was located on the bluffs overlooking Escambia Bay off Scenic Highway. Beginning in the 1930s, police shooting teams from neighboring townsContinue reading “The Pensacola Police Department Firearms Training”

The Police Shield

History of the Pensacola Police Badge Badges have been part of law enforcement since it existed. A badge has long been a sign of authority. But the origin? There are two opinions… Badges were used by law enforcement officers in past times like body armor is used today. Officers pinned them on the left sideContinue reading “The Police Shield”

The Yard: Crime Blog

If you are interested in some of the best crime fiction and true crime stories, check out… “The Yard: Crime Blog” “Find Crime Fiction, and True Crime, from the best writers. Submit your own.” Some crime, some horror – all things dark. With the submission on the site, you can read to your heart’s content!Continue reading “The Yard: Crime Blog”

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