The Admiral

He was born January 12, 1891 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In 1908, he was accepted into the U. S. Naval Academy, graduating in 1912. Charles P. Mason was officially an Annapolis Midshipman. World War 1, known as “The Great War,” broke out in 1914. However, President Wilson declared the United States would remain neutral. But inContinue reading “The Admiral”

The Oath

From my book “Pensacola’s Finest in Pictures” “Raise your right hand and repeat after me.” Those are the last words the chief of police says to a new officer before he or she takes the oath of office to become a Pensacola Police Officer. A flood of questions and emotions run through the officer’s brainContinue reading “The Oath”

Pensacola Police Cruisers

Police cars are the most common form of transportation for law enforcement officers. Horses, electric streetcars, horses, and buggies have also been used over the years, but not near as much as automobiles. In Pensacola in the month of November 1913, discussion and approval took place at the regular meeting of the city commissioners regardingContinue reading “Pensacola Police Cruisers”


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Professionals at Work: Officers Robert Godwin and Buddy Peake posing for a photo in 1948. Both men are in dress uniform. The uniform consisted of collar brass depicted “PD” on the right collar and the officer’s badge number on the left collar. Both men wear the popular cross-draw holsters. Officer Godwin wears regulation police shoes and Office Peake wears authentic jodhpur riding pants. The jackets and pants were made of wool, which held up well and looked good, but were very hot.

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