Sam Browne Belts

Sam Browne belts: Here is a 1936 photo of members of the Pensacola Police Department in front of the police station at 407 S. Jefferson Street (now the Pensacola Museum of Art). The uniformed officers are wearing Sam Browne belts. in 1858, Sam Browne, a member of the Indian army, charged a reloading cannon crewContinue reading “Sam Browne Belts”

The Pensacola Police Shield

The Pensacola Police Department has one of the most unique and attractive shields in existence. Officers, badge collectors and historians worldwide have attempted to purchase them. However, they are not for sale. The only way to possess one legally is to become a Pensacola Police officer and earn the right to wear one. Here isContinue reading “The Pensacola Police Shield”

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