1908 Pensacola Police Rules

On January 22, 1908, a pocket-sized police manual was distributed to the force. A few of the orders and rules are interesting and bear repeating… Police officers cannot leave town (on or off duty) unless in the pursuit of a fugitive, by direction of the chief, or by written permission by the Board of PublicContinue reading “1908 Pensacola Police Rules”

The Police Truncheon

The name was first used in conjunction with police officers in the 1800s, but they have a long, interesting history. Their descendants are still carried by some Pensacola Police Officers today. What is a truncheon? It has long been a vital piece of equipment for police officers, and at one time actually exhibited their authority.Continue reading “The Police Truncheon”


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Pensacola Police SWAT Team

The Special Weapons and Tactics team, which was created in 1975, consists of officers from within the department who are trained in special tactics for high-risk situations.How did it start? In the early 1970s, new paramilitary tactics were being tried to combat the ever-increasing violence that was coming on the scene in America – muchContinue reading “Pensacola Police SWAT Team”

The Pensacola Police Shield

The Pensacola Police Department has one of the most unique and attractive shields in existence. Officers, badge collectors and historians worldwide have attempted to purchase them. However, they are not for sale. The only way to possess one legally is to become a Pensacola Police officer and earn the right to wear one. Here isContinue reading “The Pensacola Police Shield”