“Pensacola’s Finest” The story of the men and women of the Pensacola Police Department



As he was fleeing Florida westward toward the Alabama line, the demons in Ted Bundy took control once again. After a daring escape and an effort to start living a “normal” life in Tallahassee, Ted had murdered two Florida State co-eds and 12-year old Kimberly Leach. Maybe if he could get away this time, he could start fresh. But it was not to be. The evilness came on him. The monster came out and he had to feed it. He drove into Pensacola and scouted around, looking for his next victim. The community of Brownsville is located on the west side of town. In the 1970s it was a busy, bustling, middle-class community with mixed business and residential properties. This would work. Ted could find a victim here. He parked the stolen tan Volkswagen Beetle in the parking lot of a busy restaurant – Oscar’s – so no one would notice it.

In “Pensacola’s Finest,” Author Mike Simmons tells the story of the historic Pensacola Police Department, one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the United States.  Included are stories of killers Ted Bundy, John Wesley Hardin and Judy Buenoano, all who were captured in Pensacola. From the chiefs to the headquarters buildings to the stories, the picture Mike paints of the department charged with the safekeeping of the little city on the northwest corner of Florida is fascinating!

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  1. Mike Simmons

    Pensacola’s Finest by Mike Simmons is a very accurate, wonderful journey into Pensacola’s past, all the way to the present times. This book is full of entertaining and informative facts that keeps you reading to the last page. Being a resident of Pensacola since 1993, I remember most of the stories that Mr. Simmons make references and I discovered, to my surprise, interesting details that are very educational. This book is not only a well-researched history book, but a true recognition to all the members of the Pensacola Police Department. Well done, Mr. Simmons! and looking forward for your next book! – Maria Chavez

    I read the book, and found it to be very informative, accurate, historical and humorous. Mike has always been comical in our working together for many years at PPD. The many photos within the book showed a lot of things I had never seen. There is something for everyone in his book, and is a must read. – Lamar Pate

    I found the book engaging and intriguing. I read it twice. It is very historic and I was fascinated with the turn of every page. – Eric Schlatter

    Mike Simmons has done for the Pensacola Police Department (PPD) what John Appleyard has done for Pensacola. Mike is a wonderful storyteller, and his passion for history shows on every page of his book, Pensacola’s Finest. Mike shares with you PPD’s history through officers’ stories, past and present. If you enjoy history, Pensacola, and storytelling, Pensacola’s Finest is for you. – Greg Gordon

    If you love history, love stories, and love Pensacola, then this book is a must have for your library. They say that a police department reflects the community in which it serves. This book not only adequately reflects the history and culture of the Pensacola Police Department, but also gives great insight into the organization and the community throughout the times. After reading the book, everyone should have the feeling that the author Mike Simmons had growing up, just wanting to be a Pensacola Police officer and work for the Pensacola Police Department. – Joshua Jack

    For anyone not only interested in the history of the Pensacola Police dept, but equally as interested in the history of Pensacola, then this book is definitely for you. But what Mike has done best in my view is to create a portrait of people, and people’s stories are always what breathe life and fascination into the landscape of cities and institutions ! That is where the real gold lies in this wonderful read! You can find Mike on Facebook or on his website, http://www.pensacolasfinestpolice.com to order. He is working on retail support around town and he or I will let you know on the progress of that! In the meantime, enjoy! – Glenn Simmons

    Great book, I hardly ever read books, but this one kept my interest immensely – Lamar Pate

    If you love history you will love this book. I thought I knew alot about the history of Pensacola but I was wrong. Some of the politicians and citizens of Pensacola’s past epitomize the words “character” and “nefarious”. I also thought I knew alot of the Pensacola PD’s history but again I was shown how much I didn’t know. The evolution of the profession has come along way. There were some nefarious characters within the police department as well that was surprising. The stories were great. I found myself laughing out loud at times and other times shaking my head in disbelief at some of nonsense people get themselves into. Great job!!! Great read!!! – Darrell McMann

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